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I am interested to hear from anyone who has done a house renvation project in France please. We are looking at a 120m size barn which has come on the market, and their progress from the initial purchase, survey, through to the Marie, and whether you had good or poor knowledge with the language? I also understand that local tradesperson are either rubbish, or don't want to work, or very expensive, so am looking at english tradespeople who come recommended. I know this can be frowned upon locally, but being new to us, want to be sure we do this right. The place we are renting has been renovated, so may be able to use those builders, but am a bit hesitant, and wonder wether we may open a can of worms using locals. We are in a known area for high unemployment and fills me with dread finding anyone locally.The area is the Savoie region.

Excellent architect and interior decorator service

Time to Complete (days): 70
Hello we are interested in performing this job for many years run a construction company, we have our own construction manager and inspector. We invite you to cooperate Call us now -Tel: 509-046-573 / 534-850-516
Price 9 800 00 EUR

Excellent interior design in Savoie

Time to Complete (days): 65
We are experts in French style decor and have done up many houses in the Savoie region. If you want to take a look at our portfolio, please feel free to email us at Our personnel will revert shortly.
Price 8 000 00 EUR

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